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The Defense Department says there has been no noticeable increase in the number of conscientious objector requests this year. But calls to the GI Rights Hotline doubled in the weeks leading up to the war with Iraq, said Brian Cross of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, which runs the hotline. Some might question why anyone would sign up for military service if they object to war. But McNeil said many recruits don’t come to fully realize their beliefs until they already have enlisted.The Department of Defense has specific policies on assigning relatives during peace and war, and on reassigning relatives if they become the last surviving son or daughter in the family.

There are in reality several routines on the best way to get legitimate property valuations – each has its advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the strategy will change relying upon whether you are purchasing, building or offering the property being referred to and notwithstanding different misperceptions, Valuations of Property can really adjust relying upon what system was utilized.

• Siblings may be assigned to the same battlefront.

• If service members become the sole surviving offspring in their immediate families because other siblings are killed, missing in action or 100 percent disabled, those survivors can request to be transferred out of the war zone.

• If a person becomes a sole surviving son or daughter in peace time, the survivor can request to be discharged from the military.

• To qualify as a sole survivor, the other siblings must have been killed, captured or 100 percent disabled permanently while serving in the military. The regulation also covers a mother or father killed while in the military, leaving a sole surviving son or daughter.

• The Defense Department policy is the same for all branches of the service, said Major Sandy Troeber, a spokeswoman at the Pentagon.

• The transfer or discharge of sole survivor is not automatic — it must be requested by the serviceman or woman.

• The Navy has additional regulations that say two or more siblings are not allowed to serve on the same ship during wartime. During peacetime, siblings may serve on the same ship, but they must get approval from their commander.

Hamilton County prosecutors will not seek criminal charges against a police officer who was involved in a fatal car crash two weeks ago during a high-speed chase.Prosecutor Joseph Deters said he concluded Monday that Cincinnati Officer Gregory Berting did not commit a felony when his police cruiser sped through an intersection June 15 and slammed into another car.The crash killed Michael Tenhundfeld, who was not involved in the police chase, and seriously injured two passengers in his car.

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Lundgren said Federated would look at May’s private labels and continue selling the most successful. He also added the company would invest capital to give several May stores the facelift the Cincinnati retailer had done with many of its best locations.

Finally, Lundgren promised Federated would examine each May store, its sales patterns and its customer base. He noted Federated actually categorizes its own stores by four types of shopper: traditional, neo-traditional, contemporary and fashion — with each of the types progressively more fashion-conscious. The area does not show wear and tear, and by and large increments over the long run, so there is no framework to devalue the estimation of the area. Thusly assessments are just owed on what is really justified regardless of, not what the genuine expense was.

After shopping at the Lazarus-Macy’s store at Fountain Place downtown Monday, Sallie Westheimer felt pretty good about the proposed merger between Federated Department Stores and May Department Stores. “Anything that strengthens Federated is good for Cincinnati,” the 56-year-old East Walnut Hills resident said. “I’m delighted when they take an initiative that will strengthen Federated. It’s bound to strengthen our local stores, too.”

Cincinnati-based Federated announced Monday morning that it planned to buy its next-largest rival, the St. Louis-based May, for $17 billion. The deal would make Federated, already the top-selling traditional department store in the country, into a giant with nearly four times as many sales as its nearest direct competitor.

The deal would appear to have little if any effect on Federated’s local stores, the Lazarus-Macy’s stores, where the “Lazarus” logo is already gone. At the point when discussing Business Property Depreciation, you are not alluding to the estimation of the real land, yet the loss of worth to the building because of the regular wear and tear, physical crumbling and age that happens over the long haul. But Rosemarie Anderson of Crescent Springs, Ky., said she hoped the merger would mean cheaper prices for customers, and possibly some improvements in customer service.

She was looking at candles Monday evening at the Macy’s store in the Florence Mall, where she shops regularly. Customers lost out in the mid-1980s when the family-owned Shillito’s stores were taken over by Lazarus, she said. That made for bigger changes than the new merger will bring, she predicted. The 184 Lazarus stores became Lazarus-Macy’s stores in 2003. Federated announced in September that it planned to remove the Lazarus name entirely from the stores. Depreciation is not just imperative in the substitution component of these gears yet Depreciation is moreover deducted when assessment due comes in and in this way it is constantly important to screen resource deterioration. In this, Exceed expectations have a perfect layout which you can download if the issue of benefit deterioration is an obscure word to you. Since Macy’s became a part of the name, the stores have had better merchandise and better sales, said a shopper at the Fountain Place store who would only reveal her first name — “Shirley.”